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From July 1st 2017 the daily running operations of Hydro Testing Serivces will be undertaken by AXS Hydro. The contact form below will direct all future enquiries to Asset Works.

NATA: National Association of Testing Authorities · 3561 days ago

NATA Testing Minimises Risk

A NATA accredited facility is required to demonstrate to an independent, expert assessment team that the facility has all the elements in place to deliver a competent testing or inspection service. It must also demonstrate that it has the systems in place to ensure ongoing compliance with NATA's requirements.

Once NATA accredited, the laboratory is re-evaluated periodically to ensure its continued compliance with requirements, and to check that its standard of operation is being maintained.

Choosing a NATA accredited testing facility minimises your risk when choosing testing or inspection services.

Accreditation No: 14928
(Scope Last Changed 1 DEC 2014) 

NATA Accreditation


This facility complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005

13.64 Pipelines

.11 Water pipelines

Tests on pipelines (excluding polyethylene/plastics piping) up to 70 MPa

.13 Low pressure oil and gas pipelines

Strength, leak and combined pressure tests on pipelines to AS 2885.5

.14 High pressure oil and gas pipelines

Strength, leak and combined pressure tests up to 70 MPa on pipelines to AS 2885.5

13.65 Pipes, hoses, valves and fittings

.11 Hydrostatic pressure tests

Tests on pipes to AS 4041, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 up to 70 MPa

13.66 Cylinders and other pressure vessels

.11 Hydrostatic pressure tests

Tests to AS 1210, AS 1228, AS 4037 and AS 3788 clause D15 only up to 70 MPa  


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